Technical Sessions

Time (NZST)DAY 2 (8 December 2021)
Tentatively 14:30 – 22:30 NZST
2:30pm-4pmOpening Address + Welcome Address (Chair) + Plenary Discussion
4:15pm-5:45pmTechnical Session 1-TS1 (9 presentations)Technical Session 2-TS2 (9 presentations)
6:15pm-8:15pmTechnical Session 3-TS3 (12 presentations)Technical Session 4-TS4 (12 presentations)
8:30pm-10:30pmTechnical Session 5-TS5 (12 presentations)Technical Session 6-TS6 (12 presentations)
Time: 16:15 – 17:45 NZSTTechnical Session 1 (TS-01)      Chair: Anubha Kalra
Paper IDTitle & Author
13Path-Agnostic Network Measurements Using Distributed Sketches Speaker: Radhika Sukapuram
25Performance Analysis of Three User Cooperative NOMA Speaker: Shilpa Rao
48Classification of Breast Cancer Using User-Defined Weighted Ensemble Voting Scheme Speaker: Ajay Kumar
71Performance of Uplink NOMA-MIMO System with Joint DPC-OSIC Detector Speaker: Rahul Makkar
104A Fault Diagnosis Technique of SMGFs in k -CNOT Based Reversible Circuits Speaker: Jatindra Kumar Deka
124Flood Magnitude Assessment from UAV Aerial Videos Based on Image Segmentation and Similarity Speaker: Ananya Sharma
210The Role of Face Embeddings on Classification of Personality Traits from Selfie Images Speaker: V Ramana Murthy Oruganti
219Topology Exploration for Long-Distance Communication
228Ultrasound-to-Ultrasound deformable image registration for pseudo CT simulation for Brachytherapy treatment planning: A preliminary study on tissue-mimicking phantom Speaker: Anila Satheesh B

Time: 16:15 – 17:45 NZSTTechnical Session 2 (TS-02)      Chair: Kosala Gunawardane
Paper IDTitle & Author
77Insect Detection and Identification Using YOLO Algorithms on Soybean Crop Speaker: Anurag Singh
79Emoji Prediction using LSTM and Naive Bayes Speaker: Ritwik Ranjan
152Deep Learning model-based Segmentation of Medical Diseases from MRI and CT Images Speaker: Piyush Kumar
159Electric Vehicle Charging Station using Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and oneM2M Platform for Enhanced Functionality Speaker: Shubham Mante
168Unsupervised Action Localization Crop in Video Retargeting for 3D ConvNets Speaker: Prithwish Jana
170Resource-Conscious High-Performance Models for 2D-to-3D Single-View Reconstruction Speaker: Dhruv Srikanth
171SELFIE: A Semantically-Enhanced Load Forecasting Approach with Indirect Estimate of Spatial InfluencesSpeaker: Monidipa Das
194Diagnosis of Asthma in Children Based on Symptoms: A Machine Learning Approach Speaker: Subhasish Dhal
202Enhancement of PSNR based Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos using Penalty ModulesSpeaker: Sushant Lenka

Time: 18:15 – 20:15 NZSTTechnical Session 3 (TS-03)      Chair: Kevin Wang
Paper IDTitle & Author
27Mitigation Technique against Network Isolation Attack on RPL in 6LoWPAN Network Speaker: Santosh Biswas
64Automated classification of EEG into meditation and non-meditation epochs using common spatial pattern, linear discriminant analysis, and LSTMSpeaker: Jerrin Thomas Panachakel
70Cross-Head Attentive Deep Neural Network for Estimating Left Ventricular Functional Parameters
91Vehicle Re-identification in Smart City Transportation using Hybrid Surveillance Systems Speaker: Ashutosh Holla
100Cost-Sensitive Bootstrapped Weighted Random Forest for DoS attack Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks Speaker: Deepankar Krishnan
116Deep Security Scanner for Industrial Control Systems
130Recognition of isolated characters across different input interfaces using 2D DCNN Speaker: Naseem Ahmad
143A Novel Initialization Approach for Fuzzy C-Means algorithm using Unsupervised Random Forest Method Speaker: Ashish Phophalia
182Comparative Study of Long Document Classification Speaker: Vedangi Wagh
192LifeLens: Deep Learning Based Application for the Visually Impaired Speaker: Aakash Tomar
236C3HAC: A Controller Placement Approach For SDWSN Speaker: Arka Mazumdar
237DAISS: Design of an Attacker IdentificationScheme in CoAP Request/Response Spoofing Speaker: Pinaki Mitra

Time: 18:15 – 20:15 NZSTTechnical Session 4 (TS-04)      Chair: Hamid GholamHosseini
Paper IDTitle & Author
59Hardware Realization of Solar Powered Capacitor Start Induction Motor Water Pump Fed by Seven Level Inverter with Minimized Switch Count Speaker: T Poompavai
61Computer-Aided Retinal Haemorrhage Detection and Super-Resolution in Diabetic Retinopathy Digital Fundus Images Speaker: Amritha Abdul Salam
87Design of a 3-State Switching cell Converter using Hybrid Fuzzy PID and H-infinity Controller Speaker: Nivedita Pati
88ATPG for Incomplete Testing of SOC Considering Bridging Faults Speaker: Jatindra Kumar Deka
215Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based 3D Exploration with a Wall Climbing Robot Speaker: Raju Halder
119A Defense Method Against Facial Adversarial Attacks Speaker: Pradip Kumar Das
128Stress Detection using CNN Fusion Speaker: V Ramana Murthy Oruganti
131Decision Level Fusion for Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder Speaker: V Ramana Murthy Oruganti
146A New Neural Network based Model for Detection of COVID-19 from Chest X-ray Images Speaker: Ritocheta Roy
233Behavioural Pattern Analysis of Fishes for Smart Aquaculture: An Object Centric Approach Speaker: Girisha S

Time: 20:30 – 22:30 NZSTTechnical Session 5 (TS-05)      Chair: Ho Seok AHN
24An FPGA-based Middlebox with Remote Dynamically Reconfigurable Application Plane Speaker: Tze Hon Tan
66Process Management for Admission Control to Access Available Resources for Delay Sensitive Service in Fog-to-Cloud Architecture Speaker: Uthpala Premarathne
98Improving phase-OTDR Signal-To-Noise Ratio to Reduce Ambiguity in Intrusion Detection Speaker: Fairuz Abdullah
102Agro-Mate: A Virtual Assister to Maximize Crop Yield in Agriculture SectorSpeaker: Dayalini Sribalakumar
106Deep Learning-Based Surveillance System for Coconut Disease and Pest Infestation Identification Speaker: Janaka Wijekoon
109Convolutional Neural Network or Vision Transformer? Benchmarking Various Machine Learning Models for Distracted Driver Detection Speaker: Chee-Onn Chow
135Intelligent Digitalization of the Sinhala Form Templates Speaker: Kevin Gomez
136Precise eye center localization in a practical environment Speaker: Naseem Ahmad
137Smart Snake Identification System using Video Processing Speaker: Janaka Wijekoon
147Graph Eigenvalue based Structural Method towards Phonetic Boundary Detection Speaker: Pradip Kumar Das
167Scene Text Recognition with Orientation Rectification via IC-STN Speaker: Veronica Naosekpam
176Letting Villages Go Smart in Indian Scenario Speaker: Kaythry P

Time: 20:30 – 22:30 NZSTTechnical Session 6 (TS-06)      Chair: Nurul Sarkar
Paper IDTitle & Author
163A Bilingual Audio Based Online Shopping Mobile Application for Visually Impaired and the Elderly People Speaker: Varniah Kangeswaran
205SMART-EDF: An EDF based semi-partitioned energy-aware multicore scheduler for real-time systems Speaker: Sanjay Moulik
47ASSISTING WHEELCHAIR: ASSIST W Speaker: Dileesha Ranaweera
53ROS Based Heterogeneous Multiple Robots Control Using High Level User Instructions Speaker: Samantha Rajapaksha
78Deep Learning based Real-Time Discovery of False Data Injection Attack in Power Sector Speaker: Debottam Mukherjee
82Comparison of Step-Down Charge Pump Converters and Supercapacitor-Assisted Low-Dropout (SCALDO) Regulators Speaker: Kosala Gunawardane
212Circuit Protection Techniques for Supercapacitor-Assisted Low-Dropout (SCALDO) Regulator Speaker: Kosala Gunawardane
142Impact of Brute Force Based False Data Injection Attack on Distribution System State Estimation Speaker: Poornachandratejasvi Bhattar
145Color aware image enhancement algorithm for remote surveillance using low cost cameras in unevenly illuminated environments Speaker: Tharindu Dharmasena

Day 3, 9th December 2021

Third of the conference consist of 8 technical sessions, two in parallel with total of 84 presentations on the day.

Time (NZST)DAY 3 (9 December 2021)
Tentatively 09:00- 17:00 NSZT
9am-10:30amTechnical Session 7 (9 presentations)Technical Session 8 (9 presentations)
10:45am-12:45pmTechnical Session 9 (12 presentations)Technical Session 10 (12 presentations)
12:45pm-1:15pmBreak (30 mins)
1:15pm-3:15pmTechnical Session 11 (12 presentations)Technical Session 12 (12 presentations)
3:15pm-3:30pmBreak (15 mins)
3:30pm-5pmTechnical Session 13 (9 presentations)Technical Sessions 14 (9 presentations)

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 NZSTTechnical Session 7 (TS-07)      Chair: Kean Aw
Paper IDTitle & Author
55Modelling of a 1 T High-Temperature Superconducting Applied Field Module for a Magnetoplasmadynamic Thruster Speaker: Jamal Olatunji
80Detecting Changes in Cognitive Load through Audified EEG Speaker: Claire Davies
101Synthetic Images Generation Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Skin Cancer Classification Speaker: Ranpreet kaur
113Overwhelmed by Fear: Emotion Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccination Tweets Speaker: Sanghyub, John LEE
201Performance Comparison of IPv6 in 802.11ac WLAN in Windows and Linux Environment Speaker: Sam Kolahi
231Modeling Tidal Streams of the Boqueirão Channel Using Delft3D Speaker: Rafael Veras
252Quantification of edge effects in capacitive biopotential sensing Speaker: Anubha Kalra

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 NZSTTechnical Session 8 (TS-08)      Chair: Seho Kim
Paper IDTitle & Author
17A Comparison of Electromagnetic Behaviour in Classical and Mutually Coupled Switched Reluctance Generators Speaker: Adam Taylor
30Performance of a New 17-Level Asymmetrical Invertor Module Speaker: Adam Taylor
34Towards the Development of a Low-Cost Soil Drying Oven Speaker: Praneel Chand
84Improved Handshaking Procedures for Transport Layer Security in Software Defined Networks Speaker: Jack Li
122Digitisation of Conventional Water Meters using Automated Number Recognition Speaker: Jack Li
241Static Characterisation of Gallium Nitride MOSFETs at Cryogenic Temperatures Speaker: Henry Seaton
243High Impact Low Probability Weatherization Impact Analysis for Electricity Infrastructure Speaker: Lakshita Lakshita
247dShed – Smart Load Shedding Orchestrator for DERM of DERMs Speaker: Abhinav Chopra

Time: 10:45 – 12:45 NZSTTechnical Session 9 (TS-09)      Chair: Hamid GholamHosseini
Paper IDTitle & Author
50Modulation Characteristics of Simultaneous Multi-Channel OFDM TV Signal Conversion System Speakers: Tao GuoKoji KikushimaJunji Murotani
54Considering Methods of Managing Noises Such As Coughs and Footsteps When Measuring Lung Sounds in Real Time Speaker: Tetsunori Suzuki
56Comparison of Direct and Localization-based Methods for Position Verification using Distance Measurement Speaker: Junichi Naganawa
57A New Memory Consistency Model for Real-Time Multicore Processors
103Synthesis of Localized Flooding Disaster Scenes using Machine Learning Approach Speaker: Prarinya Siritanawan
114Full Hardware Implementation of FreeRTOS-Based Real-Time Systems Speaker: Yukino Shinohara
118A Method of Service Function Chain Configuration to Minimize Computing and Network Resources for VNF Failures Speaker: Akihiko Taniguchi
150Development of the human tracking system using the cooperating of multiple cameras arranged sparsely Speaker: Shimada Hirokazu
162A Fair Allocation Method of Curtailed Power for Wind Farms Considering Transmission Line Capacity and Conditions for Fair Allocation Speakers: Daichi SugawaraHiroumi Saitoh
177Phase-based accelerated motion magnification using image pyramid Speaker: Sei-ichiro Kamata
183Which one is Kaphrao? Identify Thai Herbs with similar leaf structure using transfer learning of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Speaker: Prarinya Siritanawan
185A Deep Neural Network Technique for Electricity Price Forecasting in Consideration of Spikes Speaker: Hiroyuki Mori

Time: 10:45 – 12:45 NZSTTechnical Session 10 (TS-10)      Chair: Nurul Sarkar
Paper IDTitle & Author
32A Study of Total Variation Regularization in Digraph Signal Denoising Speaker: Chien-Cheng Tseng
33Node Classification Using Graph Convolutional Network with Dropout Regularization Speaker: Chien-Cheng Tseng
44Development of High Performance Hardware by High-Level Synthesis of Median-Based Dynamic Background Subtraction Method with Multiple Line Buffers Speaker: Akira Yamawaki
49Omnidirectional Background Scrolling in High-Level Synthesis Oriented Game Programing Library Speaker: Akira Yamawaki
60An Improved LZW Algorithm for Large Data Size and Low Bitwidth Per Code Speaker: Jian-Jiun Ding
81SNS Topics Comparison on COVID-19 in India, Japan, and Indonesia Speaker: Yukari Shirota
115Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Multi-stage Vision Transformer with Stacked Samples Speaker: Sei-ichiro Kamata
129In Situ Indirect Measurement of Nitrate Concentration in Outdoor Tilapia Fishpond Based on Physico-limnological Sensors Speaker: Ryan Vicerra
154Verification of spatiotemporal continuous complex event processing rules by a synthesized data set Speaker: Bonghee Hong
175Development of Intelligent On-Demand Fish Feeding System with IoT Monitoring Speaker: Ryan Vicerra
178Image Deblurring Using Local Gaussian Models Based on Noise and Edge Distribution Estimation Speaker: Jian-Jiun Ding
238Artificial Intelligence Applications in Quality Management System: A Bibliometric Study Speaker: Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias

Time: 13:15 – 15:45 NZSTTechnical Session 11 (TS-11)      Chair:  Anubha Kalra
Paper IDTitle & Author
15Content-Based Fashion Recommender System Using Unsupervised Learning
35Detection and Identification of Abaca Diseases using a Convolutional Neural Network CNN Speaker: Lyndon Buenconsejo
92NAMData: A Web-application for the Network Analysis of Microbiome Data Speaker: Geoffrey Solano
93Feature Subset Selection Using Genetic Algorithm with Aggressive Mutation for Classification Problem
160GMilk: A Framework for Mobile and Web Application for Breast Milk Services in the Philippines Speaker: Annaliza Catacutan-Bangit
169NU READY: A Web and Mobile Application Framework for School Emergency Response Speaker: Annaliza Catacutan-Bangit
186Science mapping of Social Media Analytics in Health through Artificial Intelligence Speaker: Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias
188Preprocessing Image Contouring Optimization of Handwriting Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm Speaker: Ryan Vicerra
200Utilization of K-means Clustering and Color Homography for Automatic Color Calibration in Image Processing Speaker: Argel Bandala
209Prescriptive Faculty Performance Analysis: A Case at the Onset of Covid-19 Pandemic Speaker: Brenda Benosa
221Portable Executable Malware Classifier Using Long Short Term Memory and Sophos-ReversingLabs 20 Million Dataset Speaker: Argel Bandala

Time: 13:15 – 15:45 NZSTTechnical Session 12 (TS-12)      Chair: Weihua Li
Paper IDTitle & Author
40Development of an Abaca Fiber Automated Grading System Using Computer Vision and Deep Convolutional Neural Network Speaker: Jonel Hong
41Student Risk Assessment: Predicting Undergraduate Student Graduation Probability Using Logistic Regression, SVM, and ANN Speaker: Darvy Ong
73PIGMENTnet: Chlorophyll-b Prediction of Lactuca Sativa Leaf Under Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Recurrent Neural Network Speaker: Heinrick Aquino
223Identification of Suitable FMRP Using Inverse Ant Algorithm for Caraga Region Speaker: Jaymer Jayoma
6Predictors of Online Academic Self-Concept of Computing Students Speaker: Annaliza Catacutan-Bangit
26Thermoelectric Generation System with Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm Speaker: Gerard Ang
134Text-Based Gender Classification of Twitter Data using Naive Bayes and SVM Algorithm Speaker: Maria Nikki Quintos
158Preliminary investigation on the production of alternative fuel using shampoo sachets and polystyrene blend via catalytic pyrolysis Speaker: Joseph Retumban
217GEOAGRI: A Geospatial Web-Based Decision Support System to Farm-To-Market Road Network Plan Speaker: Edsel Morales

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 NZSTTechnical Session 13 (TS-13)      Chair: Kevin Wang
Paper IDTitle & Author
4Detection of Cricketing Activities Using Deep Learning Speaker: Miftaul Mannan
20Real-Time Traffic Monitoring and Traffic Offense Detection Using YOLOv4 and OpenCV DNN Speaker: Shahnewaz Siddique
108DWT Based Transformed Domain Feature Extraction Approach for Epileptic Seizure Detection Speaker: Samir Rahman
173Neural Network Architecture for the Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease from Brain MRI Speaker: Riasat Mahbub
180Exploring Alzheimer’s Disease Prediction with XAI in various Neural Network Models
181Finite Frequency Robust Control for Electro-Hydraulic Servo Actuated Active Suspension System Speaker: Mazid Ishtique Ahmed
213Autonomous Warehouse Robot Using Deep Q-Learning Speaker: Shahnewaz Siddique
226Rice Paddy Disease Detection and Disease Affected Area Segmentation Using Convolutional Neural Networks Speaker: Shahnewaz Siddique
229Multi-Classification based Alzheimer’s Disease Detection with Comparative Analysis from Brain MRI Scans using Deep Learning Speaker: Azmain Kabir

Time: 15:30 – 17:00 NZSTTechnical Session 14 (TS-14)      Chair: Ho Seok
Paper IDTitle & Author
19Investigation of Dielectric Pocket and Work Function Engineering in Triple Material Hetero Gate Stack Oxide Double Gate TFET for Low Power Applications Speaker: Prasanna Sahu
68R-Peak Detection from ECG Signals Using Fractal Based Mathematical Morphological Operators Speaker: Deepankar Nankani
125On the Estimation of Difficulty in Emotion Regulation using Spoken Dialogue Speaker: Rohan Gupta
138DFCatcher: A Deep CNN Model to Identify Deepfake Face Images Speaker: Arpita Dhar
144Ventricular Arrhythmia Classification and Interpretation Using Residual Neural Network with Guided Backpropagation Speaker: Deepankar Nankani
156Detecting Lung Cancer from Histopathological Images using Convolution Neural Network Speaker: Dewan Ziaul Karim
227Pseudo-CT image synthesis from Ultrasound images for potential use in Brachytherapy treatment planning  initial results Speaker: Anila Satheesh B
234Anomaly Detection Using Classification CNN Models: A Video Analytic Approach Speaker: Girisha S

Day 4, 10th December 2021

The final day of TENCON 2021 conference will have two workshops i.e., Future Architecture of the Network (FAN) and Robotic Workshop in parallel with four technical sessions. The day will have total of 41 presentations.  

Time (NZST)Day 4 (10 December 2021)
09:00- 16:30
9am-10:30amFuture Architecture of the Network (FAN)Technical session 15
10:40am-12:00pmTechnical session 16
12:00pm-12:15pmBreak (15mins)
12:15pm-2:15pmTechnical Session 17(12papers)
2:15pm-2:30pmBreak (15mins)
2:30pm-4:20pmRobotics WorkshopTechnical Session 18
Time (NZST): Day 4Conference Closing Plenary
4:20pm-4:40pmTENCON 2021 Awards
4:40pm-5:00pmIntroduction to TENCON 2022& TENCON 2021 Formal Closing

Time: 9:00 – 10:30 NZSTTechnical Session 15 (TS-15)      Chair: Patrick Hu
Paper IDTitle & Author
52Modelling the thermal effects of tumbling on CubeSats equipped with HTS coils Speaker: Thomas Berry
111Robust State Feedback Control of Electric Heating Furnace Using a New Disturbance Observer Speaker: Mohammad Al-Rawi
121Adding a Computationally-Tractable Probabilistic Dimension to Meta-Heuristic-Based Microgrid Sizing Speaker: Soheil Mohseni
197Applying LETOR and Personalization to Search: A Trade Me Practice Speaker: Hang Yu
207EMI Issues in DC-Microgrids Due to Power Electronic Converters Speaker: Kosala Gunawardane
244Matauranga Maori in Power Engineering Achieving Sustainability and Zero Carbon futures with countries indigenous knowledge
246Realizing Price Responsive Space Heating Setpoints using Degree-Days Energy Signature Speaker: Leonie Bule
249A New Discrete Frequency Control Method for an Improved Soft-Start of Induction Motors Part 1: CLSSR-DFC Development Speaker: David van der Byl
250A New Discrete Frequency Control Method for an Improved Soft-Start of Induction Motors Part 2: Simulation Studies Speaker: David van der Byl

Time: 10:40 – 12:00 NZSTTechnical Session 16 (TS-16)      Chair: Seho Kim
Paper IDTitle & Author
42Analysis of a Vehicle Propulsion System Using Continuous Track LIMs on Steel Plates Speaker: Adam Taylor
74Geothermal electricity generation from oil and gas fields in New Zealand
127Design and Optimization of piezoelectric transducers Speaker: Liu Liu
148Concept-to-implementation of New Threshold-based Fall Detection Sensor Speaker: Sarla Kumari
190Short-range Inertia Prediction for Power Networks with Penetration of RES Speaker: Peter Makolo
203Greenhouse gas emissions from geothermal powerplants in New Zealand: Is Reinjection of gases a solution? Speaker: Anu Choudhary
245Resilience based Criticality Analysis for Seismic performance Assessment of Underground Cables Speaker: Ebad Rehman
251New Efficient Procurement of Extended Reserves (AUFLS) in New Zealand with high penetration of distributed generation: Systematic Review Speaker: Nasser Usman Faarooqui

Time: 12:15 – 14:15 NZSTTechnical Session 17 (TS-17)      Chair: Nguyen Minh
Paper IDTitle & Author
12SalviaNet: A Machine Learning-Based Leaf Signature Profiling and Species Identification of the Endemic Genus Salvia in Central Asia Speaker: Ryan Vicerra
43Improving the Plucking Point Position Estimation in a Classical Guitar Performance using a Novel Video-Based Approach Speaker: Franz de Leon
72Speaker Localization in Smartphones using Adaptive Eigenvalue Decomposition with Noise Reduction Speaker: Franz de Leon
76A Blockchain-Based Security Scheme for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Smart Cities Speaker: Jack Li
99Ambisonics and Sonic Simulation in Virtual Reality Speaker: Yulia Yagunova
132Monophonic Audio-Based Automatic Acoustic Guitar Tablature Transcription System with Legato Identification Speaker: Franz de Leon
139Estimation and Tonal Analysis of the Angle of Attack in a Classical Guitar Performance Speaker: Franz de Leon
141Contextualizing Types of Filipino Collective Support during the #COVID19 Lockdown Speaker: Brenda Benosa
204Finite Element Analysis on a Single-storey Geodesic Dome Structure Using Combination of Polite Hollow Blocks and Cold-Formed Steel Speaker: Ria Liza Canlas
206A Comparative Finite Element Analysis of a Two-Storey Residential Building Using Concrete Hollow Blocks and Polite Hollow Blocks Speaker: Ria Liza Canlas
235Simplified SOC Balancing of an MMC with Embedded Storage in an EV System Speaker: Alaa Omar

Time: 14:30 – 16:30 NZSTTechnical Session 18 (TS-18)      Chair: Ramon Zamora
Paper IDTitle & Author
51Mathematically Modelling the Brain Response to Auditory Stimulus Speaker: Eva Ignatious
58Non-contact, Rapid and Robust Method to Determine the Optimal EEG Electrode Positions Using Optical Motion Tracking System Speaker: M Souganttika
75Image Compression using Approximate Addition Speaker: Douglas Maskell
85Lesson Learned and Future Design of IEC 61850 Based Digital Bay in Central Java Substations Speaker: Rendie Ramadhan
90Multiple Distributed Generation Allocation in Radial Distribution Networks by Considering Loss Reduction and Curtailment Speaker: Kritthapat Peanviboon
95Experimental Observation of Charged Drop Coalescence Under Electric Field Speaker: Wikanda Nantanawut
96A Context-Aware POI Recommendation Speaker: Tipajin Thaipisutikul
155Teleoperated Food and Medicine Courier Mobile Robot for Infected Diseases Patient Speaker: Indra Adji Sulistijono
157Human Point Cloud Data Segmentation based on Normal Vector Estimation using PCA-SVD Approaches for Elderly Activity Daily Living Detection Speaker: Nova Eka Budiyanta
189Effect of Different Splitting Criteria on the Performance of Speech Emotion Recognition Speaker: Bagus Tris Atmaja
193Technology Review of Electric Motor for Hybrid-Electric Vehicle Speaker: Yogauta Nugraha